Welcome to DieselRadio.com, where the most thermodynamically efficient form of internal combustion engine "The Diesel Engine" is the drive behind every aspect of our web site.

Why Diesel Radio?

Diesel Radio isn't like all the other shows or podcasts you will find on the net. It's something entirely different, DieselRadio.com is a massive undertaking by Diesel enthusiasts across the nation to help educate and enhance the experience of all to the Diesel engine. We do a little bit of everything here and are backed by the knowledge of some of the industry's leading professionals.

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What will you find here?

Diesel Radio is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about Diesel engines and the consumers who buy them. Whether it's helping you find the answer you need in our brand new forum or entertaining you with our custom radio shows to help aid in your understanding of the Diesel industry.

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A Little Diesel Goes A Long Way.

What would you say if you found out that your gas engine was operating at 20%-30% less efficiency than any Diesel engine on the market today?

Did you know the inventor of the Diesel engine was an environmentalist, and was an avid proponent of using vegetable oil (now known as biodiesel) as a fuel source for his invention? In 1892 Rudolph Diesel, obtained a patent for what is now called the Diesel engine. Rudolf Diesel was attending the Polytechnic High School of Germany (engineering school) when he learned about the low efficiency of gasoline and steam engines and aspired to create something better for all. Visit www.howstuffworks.com to learn more now!

Introduction to Diesel Radio
See What Tom Novak From Bosch has to say about Diesel.